I've missed out on a newborn session, what can I expect from my photoshoot?

Iknow so many of you have missed out on the newborn photography session you expected to have, in the first few weeks with a sleepy baby and curled up poses. Your baby might be 3 months or more by the time you get to come for your "newborn" photoshoot after we reopen on April 12th and you're no longer sure what to expect from your session.

Don't worry, I have been shopping specifically for all my older babies that are going to be coming in during April & May, my "oldborns" as I have been affectionately referring to them as, are at the forefront of my mind. I know my Lockdown Mamas have missed out on so much, things they always anticipated they would do and experience with their new baby that they haven't been able to.

I refuse to let this be another thing that you miss out on, regardless of how old your baby is, how alert your baby is - we can still capture beautiful portraits. Some of my clients from the last lockdown actually ended up pleased that there session had taken place a little later than planned as we were blessed with gorgeous cheeky expressions and lots of beautiful smiles from our older bubbas.

I've listed a few of the most frequently asked questions for those of you curious about what to expect.

Will my baby still be able to use some of your lovely props?

Yes, of course! Lots of my "newborn" props are actually big enough for slightly older babies too, it might be that we use them in a slightly different way but we can definitely incorporate a range of props into your session too.

I wanted my baby to be clothed in some of the images, will he/she still fit into any of your outfits?

Yes, I have little outfits for newborns in a range of sizes and have stocked up on some very cute new pieces for my "oldborns" in 3-4 month size.

Can my baby still have naked photos?

Of course! There is a while off yet before your baby's bottom stops being cute!

What if my baby doesn't sleep?

If your baby is more alert now he or she is older and doesn't want to sleep during their session that's absolutely fine. Because they are that much older and stronger there are a range of poses and shots we can do that are actually even better once baby is awake!

Is it still possible to get the styled newborn poses?

I never say never when it comes to newborn poses, it's hard to say without meeting the baby if it will be appropriate for your child. On the day of your session I will assess your baby's flexibility, how sleepy they are, and how deep the sleep is. If I think there is a chance I will definitely still do some posed newborn shots for you. I have been a newborn photographer for a long time and you'd be surprised how many older babies I have managed to pose.

Will my session still take the same length of time?

It's likely that your session will still take several hours as your baby is still young and may need to stop for feeds, changes etc. I really can never predict the length of time a newborn session will take as it's completely baby led and so depends on how they are on the day.

Are family and sibling photos still possible?

Of course!

I hope this helps answer some of your queries. If anyone would like to ask anything else please remember my inbox is always open, or I'm only at the other end of a phonecall and always happy to chat through any concerns or answer any queries you might have.

I am SO excited to meet you all and your little ones when the studio reopens on April 12th.

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