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Are you looking for a newborn photographer in Hertfordshire? Thinking of booking a photoshoot?

It can be hard to choose a photographer whilst you are still pregnant, before you have even met your baby. I try to blog regularly to give you lots of information about what my newborn photoshoots involve, and what to expect when you arrive for your session. I also like to give you an insight into previous newborn photoshoots so that you can see upto date examples of my work, and what an actual newborn photography gallery looks like once it's been edited.

Before the craziness of COVID hit I was lucky enough to be made an Auntie again. I'm one of 5 children and already have 8 nieces and nephews across both sides of my family, but this was the first baby in nearly 9 years so you can imagine my excitement!

Scarlett is the only niece/nephew I've been able to photograph as a newborn, as all the others were born way before I had my business. There is something very special about being entrusted with a newborn photoshoot, it's such a precious period of time that cannot be recreated later. Every single baby that comes through my doors is a blessing and to be trusted to document those early moments is a huge honour.

That being said, some babies make me work harder than others ;) Scarlett was one such baby!

She wasn't letting her Auntie off easy!

She is now a sassy one year old who definitely knows her own mind, but also totally knows how to win me over with her cheeky grin and big bright eyes. I always love it when I get to see my little clients grow up as I can often match their personality traits back to their newborn session and how they were on the day, I can definitely do that with Scarlett.

She showed her potential sass from day one by flipping me the finger whilst I photographed her with her Mummy! We really did laugh at that, the cheeky madam! I'll definitely be saving that photograph for her 18th birthday card!

Scarlett's Daddy is a guitar teacher - so of course we had to capture this portrait of her with one of his favourite guitars during her newborn session.

I absolutely love it when I get the opportunity to work a little outside the normal poses and props so if you have a particular hobby, sentimental item or keepsake you'd like to incorporate at your session please let me know at the time of booking so that we can plan how best to include them and get the most out of your gallery. If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Hertfordshire or thinking about booking a newborn photoshoot whilst you are still pregnant, I always recommend looking at my Instagram or Facebook pages for inspiration before your session to get an idea of the sort of images you like. Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration!

I'm always happy to tailor your newborn photoshoot to your tastes and preferences, I have a studio full of props, headbands, hats, outfits, and different backdrops and setups at my home studio in Hertfordshire so there is plenty to look at and choose from once you arrive but it does help if you arrive with a rough idea in mind as it can be quite difficult to choose - to quote Scarlett's Mum "I love everything!". Some parents are happy to give me free creative reign, something I love to do, I usually try to use a few different colours and textures when this is the case, and take photos both with and without accessories to give you a range of options to choose from within your gallery.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Hertfordshire or wondering when is best to get booked in for your newborn photoshoot then please do pop me a message (LINK) I'd love to have a chat about the style of images you're looking for to see if I'm the right photographer for you :)

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