Newborn Photographer Hertfordshire | Missing baby snuggles in Lockdown!

What I wouldn't give to be looking forward to another fully booked week in the studio, jam packed with sessions and lots of newborn baby snuggles!

I am really missing all of my clients and especially getting to meet your gorgeous new arrivals, unfortunately there has still been no update or indication of when we may be able to reopen so until then all I can do is look back through old images and reminisce!

One of my favourite sessions from 2020 was Finley's newborn photoshoot. To say he was a dream baby is an understatement, it helps that his folks are some of the loveliest people I have ever met too!

His session was a breeze and he is a dream to photograph. He is one of those baby's you cant help but just want to squeeze!

Beautiful little button nose, and perfect pouty lips he is SO gorgeous. I already can't wait to see him for his 6 month sitter session when we are allowed. Finley's Mummy is super organised so she has already booked in all of his sessions for the next 12 months, including his 1st birthday cake smash photoshoot.

Being a newborn photographer is an incredible job. I feel lucky every day that I get to call this work, it's the biggest honour to be chosen to capture your beautiful newborn portraits and to be trusted with this precious new life you have created. I also love getting to meet you, the parents. Maybe it's for the first time or maybe we've met before and you are here with the new addition to your family. It's so special to get to witness new parents in those early days still finding their feet with it all, we often end up chatting away and lots of parents leave their photoshoot saying they feel they have picked up so many new tips and things to try from watching me handle and settle their baby.

This is one of my most requested images. Who knew we were such a nation of feet lovers!? But when it comes to little newborn toes there really is nothing better. I always remember my other half shouting at me on our first day of becoming parents that I needed to unpop the babygrow and stroke our sons feet, "They are SO soft!" he exclaimed. They really are like silk, and I know I always stay it but they don't stay little and silky for long. Soon your little ones take their first steps and before you know it you are purchasing their first pair of shoes. When you are trying to narrow down your gallery you might find yourself questioning if you really NEED a photo of their ten tiny toes, many of my clients would argue that you do ;)

It hurts my heart that so many Mums feel they are really missing out at the moment, not being able to visit a newborn photographer during Lockdown and capture those precious first portraits. I can't wait to be able to meet all your babies as soon as I'm allowed. They will be a little older, hopefully you will be a little less sleep deprived, but we can still capture some beautiful portraits for you. When you look back in the future you will always be glad you captured those moments, regardless of whether it was a little later than planned.

As a newborn photographer, I am asked all the time if I can edit out skin blemishes.The answer is yes, of course. I am always happy to remove baby acne, flakes, bruises/bumps/scratches, or any temporary marks caused during labour. Skin editing needed for Finley's session was very minimal, aside from the odd tiny flake of skin he really had no blemishes and had that typically creamy soft skin texture we always associate with newborns. This is not actually typical for newborn babies, especially in those first few weeks when their skin is still getting used to the outside world, so please don't ever be alarmed if your newborn's skin does not appear as it does in my images or feel you need to postpone their session, if it is not bothering them then it is not bothering me. Editing is included in all newborn packages and so there is no extra charge for this type of retouching. Mums, I can also apply the same skillset to you - so there are no excuses about no time for makeup, or bags under your eyes, as a reason not to get in the image!

Trust me, I speak from the experience of a 30 year old who is one parent down, when I say that in 30 years time your baby will not care whether or not you had makeup on or that you look like you hadn't slept in a year. All they will care about is that you are theirs, and you were there. Parent & Sibling images are included in all my newborn packages, I think this is a great time to update your family portrait, as you are here we may aswell! If you hate it, I can delete it. You choose all your own images so you don't have to pick it, but often my clients are surprised by how much they do love their family image and it's definitely a bestseller for me.

I am still currently taking bookings for newborn photoshoots from April onwards. I am anticipating that we will be able to reopen by April but in the event we aren't your deposit is fully refundable or transferable to a new session later in the year/as soon as we are able to reopen.

If you'd like anymore information about my newborn photography sessions in Hertfordshire please take a look

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