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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I considered myself lucky when it came to the dreaded lockdown birthdays as my youngest Zachary, born on the 1st March 2019, narrowly escaped a lockdown celebration for his 1st birthday by the skin of his teeth! Little did I know nearly a year later, here we would be, still in the same boat and without a set end date in sight.

So as his birthday fast approaches for yet another year (where did that go by the way? Considering we were not able to do a huge amount it has flown by!) my mind is turning to what we can do to celebrate.

He will be turning 2, so fortunately unlike so many other children who have missed out on the big parties and family celebrations they are used to, he will really be none the wiser!

His 1st Birthday was a small affair, but we were able to spend it with family and those closest to him which is all I ever wanted, and for that I am so grateful. I know so many of you are missing out on 1st birthday celebrations, cake smash photoshoots, and everything that comes with this special milestone birthday - I really feel for all Mums navigating through this strange time with nothing quite as you had imagined it would be.

Unfortunately my little Z did miss out on his Cake Smash Photoshoot last year as a busy month meant I wasn't able to fit him in before his birthday - that's right, sometimes even my own kids have to wait for a slot! There are only so many hours in the day and sadly we didn't manage to squeeze it in, then lockdown hit and as it was no longer anywhere near his birthday, I decided to put it on pause for a year. Cake Smash Photoshoots are after all not limited to 1 year olds, my eldest Jake actually had his for his second birthday and the photos are some of my favourites I've ever taken. Obviously, I'm biased! But anyone who's visited the studio and admired the photos of the little chap in blue on the wall.....well that's my guy! I've lost count of the number of laughs his photo face-planting of the cake has generated, and the number of requests I've had to recreate this image for parents. My work has changed and improved dramatically since then (nearly 6 years ago!) but I'll always treasure these images and the memories they provoke. Jake too loves looking back on them and they never fail to make him giggle. He asks every year if he can do another cake smash for his birthday! My stock answer is that he was far too good at it the first time ;)

I've never done a cake smash with an 8 year old before, but the first time I do I'd prefer it to be one who won't be deliberately hurling the cake towards yours truly!

Hopefully Zachary, almost 2 and still very sweet and innocent (most of the time) won't be quite such a good shot...

At 2 our little ones are so much more aware of their surroundings, more able to follow instruction, and even better at making a mess than they are at 1! They also have bigger appetites, and are more likely to recognise a big birthday cake, eating more and therefore "wasting" less. There are lots of pros. So although your little one may have missed out in 2020, and possibly now in 2021 - please remember it's never too late to make those memories. There is no age limit on a cake smash at Baby Buntings, we are firm believers that cake is ALWAYS a good idea, regardless of what age you are!

I know to some people it might seem strange that parents put so much thought into birthday celebrations for children who are too young to remember, but these aren't only their memories, they are ours too. One day when they are grown up and have left home we will look back on these moments and cherish them. To use a professional photographer for these milestones is an investment. Before we know it our children will be flying the nest and leaving home, having children of their own and these photos will only get funnier and mean more to look back on with each generation to come.

Aside from the sentimental value, there's definitely an advantage to being able to turn up, have your cake, and to speak! Without worrying about the blowing up of balloons, ordering & collecting of the cake, or best of all - any of the cleanup afterwards!

Cake smash photoshoots take place in my home studio in Buntingford, Hertfordshire (just off the A10 between Hertford & Royston for those who don't know!) Everything you need is included and will be ready when you arrive for your session. All you need to do is decide what theme/colour scheme you'd like, let me know of any dietary requirements or preferences for the cake... and turn up on the day!

If you'd like any more information on the cake smash photoshoots we offer, or want to enquire about a special milestone birthday session tailored to your requirements then please get in touch :)

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